Grey Cement

The most common cement is the so-called grey cement, in its purest form also called Portland cement. The name was invented by Joseph Aspdin in his patent in 1824. It refers to a lime stone (Portland stone) from the peninsula Portland at the English Channel. Grey cement is the most used for mortar and concrete and is one of the most important binders for building materials.

Through specific additives and compositions gray cement meets different applications. Added is e.g. cinder, pozzolana, flue ash or lime stone – always in different amounts. These additives influence the parameters e.g. hardening speed, durability and resistance.

Bulk delivery
Pickup and dispatch in silo trucks up to the customer

Small bags
25 kg: 3 layers, 2 x high-quality paper layers + 1 x LDPE foil


Dyckerhoff CEMENTS - Grey cements